Frequently Asked Questions


01    How long is your cleaning contract?

There is no minimum contractual period. However, the service agreement length is 1 year. We rely on the quality of our cleaning service to maintain our contracts not on the fine print.

You can terminate the agreement at any time for any reason by providing 14 days notice. Upon receiving your notice, we'll continue providing our cleaning services at the best quality until the lapse of the notice period.




 02  Can you clean after business hours?

We can clean before, during or after business hours. However, we prefer to perform the service during the week outside your operating hours or on weekends, so as not to interrupt your business.

If a normal working day happens to be a public holiday, the service will be performed on the following business day. Cleaning visits may be cancelled during long holidays such as Christmas and Easter.




 03 Do you provide cleaning supplies?

We supply all cleaning products and equipment needed to perform the service, including:

  • Garbage Bags.

  • All Cleaning Products; bicarbonate of soda, borax, castile soap, etc…

  • Microfiber Tools and Equipment.

  • Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaner(s).


For daily cleaning supplies such as toilet paper and hand wash liquid, we can supply them at cost. However, for short notice orders of these types of cleaning products, we recommend the use of the delivery service of major supermarkets. 




 04  What cleaning tasks does your service cover?

JARP LLC goal is to always have your premises cleaned to the highest standard with minimum interruption to your business. Once we start cleaning for you, we take responsibility for all your cleaning requirements.


 All of the following cleaning tasks are included .

  • Cleaning all surfaces.

  • Vacuuming carpets and/or cleaning of non-carpeted flooring.

  • Cleaning all appliances.

  • Cleaning all bathrooms.

  • Cleaning food preparation areas.

  • Rubbish collection and removal.

  • Cleaning all internal windows and glass.

  • Ceiling dusting.

  • After party or any irregular extra cleaning requirements.

  • Routine quality control site inspections.